Job Insight: Senior People Manager at Smartlane

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As part of our Job Insights, employees are regularly interviewed about their professional tasks and challenges and published here in our Smartlane career blog. Would you like to know what everyday working life is like in different areas? We asked Sabrina, Senior People Manager at Smartlane, about her day-to-day work and what Smartlane is all about for her.

How would you describe Smartlane as an employer?

Sabrina: Flexible! Healthy growing! Dynamic! It is simply fun to work here. I have never seen a company where you can work so flexibly and on your own responsibility and drive topics forward. Smartlane has incredibly motivated, flexible and inquisitive people who are fun to work with! I would also like to emphasize the continuous but healthy growth. Smartlane places a very high value on the well-being of its employees and is constantly trying to reflect itself and become better and better as an employer and for its employees. 

What makes your job special?

Sabrina: On the one hand, it is an absolute enrichment to accompany our employees in their daily work, to look after them and to support them in word and deed in all HR topics. In addition, I particularly appreciate supporting the company in HR and organizational issues and am happy about every step we take in these areas. “It’s all about people” is really lived at Smartlane – that’s what makes my job so special!

What does a typical working day as a “Senior People Manager” look like?

Sabrina: Right from the start – there is no such thing. Every day in my job is somehow different. Of course, there are certain tasks and topics that accompany you on a long-term and regular basis, but a working day in this role holds a new surprise every day and I look forward to all the tasks that come up every day anew, whether they are familiar or new – this is how I constantly learn and develop. 

How do you manage a balance between work and free time?

Sabrina: Fortunately, I enjoy my work incredibly much and I see stressful phases more as an exciting challenge that I can grow from. But yes, a certain balance between work and free time is definitely very important in order to be happy, balanced and productive in the long term. Here, it helps me to prioritize well, to let work be work at a certain point and to consciously pull myself out at certain moments. Our fantastic people team supports each other wherever possible, so that together we make sure that everyone drives a good level, from which everyone benefits in the end. 

What human qualities do you need to have for your job?

Sabrina: As a people manager and in HR in general, it is essential to have a certain empathy towards other people. There are so many situations in which you have to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and, if necessary, take on a mediating role. People are individual and everyone has a different life situation and perception, so you need a certain intuition and sensitivity. The ability to work in a team and a certain straightness are also important in some situations. 

What does your/a typical lunch break at Smartlane look like? (in the office)

Sabrina: Punctually at 12:00 o’clock the first person enters the office door and asks for “Lunch? As long as the schedule allows it, the lunch break starts immediately. While some colleagues bring their lunch from home, others get their snack at one of the nearby restaurants or supermarkets and then it’s “eat together”. In summer we like to eat outside in nice weather, in winter or in bad weather we like to eat in our nice lunch room and if there are a lot of colleagues, we also like to convert our big meeting room into a lunch room.


Together, we at Smartlane are constantly working to create the best possible working environment for our employees, because above all, we owe the quality of our solution and our success to our employees. 

From working students to management level, we encourage our employees and want to support them in their personal and professional development. We also offer flexible working hours and work locations to help you balance your career and family life, and we provide a generous training budget to help you develop personally and professionally. Because we are clear: It is the individual contributions and the heart and soul of the matter that make Smartlane a successful company. We see every employee as part of our Smartlane family. 

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