The Smartlane partner network

We share a common goal: To make your transportation logistics operations more efficient and disruption-free!

This works best if everybody contributes their specific expertise. That is exactly what our partner program is all about.

To unlock the full potential of digital dispatching, transportation planning and execution must be seamlessly integrated. This is why we have created a partner network of reputable transportation management, telematics and technology companies.

Transport management software partners

Most Transport Management Systems, or TMS applications, provide the following features:

  • Transportation order management
  • Cost calculation and invoicing
  • Transportation execution
  • Shipment tracking

Thanks to the TMS integration engineered into our Smartlane Transport Intelligence using an API, orders are automatically assigned to optimized delivery routes, making transportation even more efficient.

A TMS is key to reliable supply chain management; our integrated route optimization functionality makes it unbeatable!

These are our TMS partners:

Anaxco GmbH

Anaxco, a digitalization partner focused on supporting medium-sized companies, will get you ready to tackle the challenges of a constantly changing business environment – in logistics and beyond.

We want to make sure you meet your customers’ ever-increasing requirements. This is why our experts develop smart next-generation software solutions. We also custom-tailor IT solutions to suit your needs, from performing the requirements analysis all the way through to providing ongoing operational support.

Join the community of customers who benefit from our development and application know-how! We will be by your side to drive your growth and support your development.

Set the stage today for your digital transformation! The future starts now.

C-Informationssysteme GmbH

The C-Logistic software is a complete solution that meets the needs of freight forwarders and transport logisticians to improve and optimize their daily work processes

Our focus at C-Informationssysteme GmbH is exclusively on the development of industry-specific software solutions for freight forwarding, logistics, transportation and inventory management. Through close cooperation with technology and practice partners from various fields, our employees have access to expertise of the highest level.

Our software solution C-Logistic is a forwarding and logistics software which is characterized by its performance. It maps the complete daily work of forwarding agents and transport logisticians in a process-oriented manner and consists of four core elements: Order processing, fleet management, dispatching and warehouse management. It offers seamless integration of telematics systems, fuel card interfaces, ERP systems and document management solutions. Thanks to this integration, users can manage and control all relevant data seamlessly and efficiently, greatly simplifying workflow.

ecovium Holding GmbH

ecovium combines experts in customs processing, warehousing, shipping, transportation and hardware under one roof, offering customers sustainable, economically attractive solutions for their value-adding processes.

Relying on many years of development, consultation and project management experience from twelve different companies, the ecovium team is committed to finding winning solutions for tomorrow’s logistics challenges. Our experts benefit from each other’s knowledge and skills, seizing the opportunities our company offers them to rise above themselves. Their common goal is to help our customers excel in logistics and beyond.

LIS Logistische Informationssysteme Aktiengesellschaft

Logistics and IT paired with expertise and experience.

A strong team of more than 200 staff covering a wide range of logistics-related disciplines and skills, with one common goal: To continue the successful development of our transportation management software while providing best-of-class support for its use at your company.

For over 40 years, we have been developing and installing software for transportation management, route planning, warehouse management, cargo space optimization and many other applications and purposes. Backed by this expertise and driven by our ambition to implement visionary solutions that can optimize your business processes in a practicable way, we are ready to tackle your challenges every day.


Our vision is the connection of the transport and logistics industry with a modern technology and interface standard! With this, we have developed a web-based system that is specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies. In the meantime, we are also working with larger shippers and trading companies to digitize the transport industry across the board and optimize supply chains.

With our web-based all-in-one solution, we offer a quick and easy way to digitally map order entry, dispatching and invoicing in just one system. By combining TMS, WMS and ERP, we can modularly extend the transport management system with warehouse management, driver and vehicle management or CRM.

Logo TIS

TIS Technische Informationssysteme GmbH

As a telematics provider, TIS GmbH has always been focused on combining expert knowledge and solid industry experience with a passion for leading-edge technology.

A winning combination indeed: Our family-owned, medium-sized company emerged as the technology leader in the field of wireless communications.

Its nearly 80 employees share a passion for technology, the pride of representing one of the leading innovators of their industry, and a strong commitment to finding 100% practicable and cost-efficient solutions for their customers’ daily challenges.

We are true team players: We maintain an international network of partners across the logistics sector, and active ties with widely respected manufacturers. This ecosystem enables us to offer innovative end-to-end solutions to our customers.

Technology partners

Our technology partners make our optimization results more visible.

Map provider: HERE

To keep delivery route planning current, it is essential to account for the latest traffic information. What is more, combining planning and map data enables realistic ad-hoc planning.