What will be important for logistics in 2023

Our CEO Monja Mühling shares her five key thoughts that will shape the coming logistics year.

1. Thinking digitization ahead:

At first glance, not really a new topic. However, studies show that the level of digitization in logistics varies widely and only around 39% of companies have the necessary IT expertise (bitkom). As a result, individual process steps are often only digitized on the initiative of individuals or departments. Which is a good start, but still holds a lot of potential.

2. Breaking down silos:

Internal company processes must be viewed and mapped holistically. This enables data to flow seamlessly, be enriched and used profitably. Not only will this reduce errors and manual effort, but it will provide better service to customers and others involved in the process.

3. Creating networks:

Optimization of tours, loading spaces and ultimately CO2 emissions are best achieved when networks are optimized, not just individual tours. The start has already been made with the optimization of individual areas and regions. Utilization and profitability will be visible and further potential will become apparent.

4. Transfer know-how:

According to Verkehrsrundschau, the shortage of skilled workers is already having a stressful effect on the day-to-day work of more than half of logistics professionals (57.6%). Therefore it is  important to make the know-how of individuals accessible and to automate manual processes as far as possible. This reduces both the additional workload and overtime.

5. Achieving sustainability:

Those who transport sustainably have a competitive advantage. According to the German E-Commerce and Mail Order Association, 57% of respondents are willing to pay more money for sustainable deliveries. This calls for certified processes as well as emissions assessments with offsetting options.

At Smartlane, we are dedicated to these issues and will do everything we can to make our contribution and will be happy to keep you informed: Here on the blog and through our newsletter.