Flexibility is key

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Flexibility describes the fast and easy adjustment to changed requirements and habits. In private life, it is no longer possible to imagine life without it. The concept has been given special significance for some years now, but increasingly so in the world of work. The course of time has shown that employees and above all their satisfaction are elementary for the joint success of company and employee. Happiness can be significantly influenced by understanding, listening to and implementing their needs. Whether it is the balance between family and career or hobbies, which one would like to follow, the classic 9 to 5 job makes it almost impossible to “reconcile everything in a suitable form”. Especially the Covid 19 pandemic has shown, you don’t have to sit in the office between 9-17 o’clock to be productive and to accomplish something. In fact, many workers feel they are more productive in a home office. This perception has even increased with the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, according to a DAK study.  As an employer, Smartlane is also convinced of the productivity and performance of individual and flexible workplaces and is pleased with every employee who is able to achieve a better work-life balance as a result.

In order to perceive and implement the wishes and needs of our employees, we have introduced a 3-way working model at Smartlane. This means that employees can be completely flexible in terms of where they work and, for the most part, their working hours. Whether night owls, early risers or morning grouches, Smartlane offers an individual solution for every colleague. 

The 3 way working model at Smartlane

There are three options to choose from regarding the place of work. Employees can choose between a 100% office contract, a hybrid contract (switching between home office and office) and a 100% home office contract. Employees are free to choose in agreement with their manager and this choice is made either during the contract process or subsequently during the first few days of work as part of onboarding. If the hybrid option is selected, employees are free to choose when they want to work in the office and when they want to work from home. The extent currently ranges from 4 days a week office presence to only 2 days a month office presence, depending on individual circumstances and needs. According to the DAK study, one of the disadvantages of the home office is the lack of contact with colleagues. To promote this and compensate for the disadvantage, Smartlane currently offers various formats. Regular team events, such as the Smartlane Stammtisch (regulars’ table), team offsites, company celebrations and a recently introduced lunch lottery offer employees the space to maintain contacts and exchange ideas. In addition, some departments arrange to meet in the office on certain days to facilitate brainstorming and faster exchanges.

Working hours

Obviously, not only the place of work but also the working hours are part of the flexibility theme. One person lives by the motto “the early bird catches the worm” and prefers to start his workday at 7:00 a.m., while another is more productive in the evening hours and thus starts his workday a bit later. No problem at all. In the end, the important thing is that everyone feels comfortable and can do their best. Times only play a minor role in this respect. 


But that’s not all… Smartlane also offers the possibility of “workation”. Especially now in the rainy cold season there is nothing better for many than to escape the gray everyday life and get some sun in warmer countries. France, Austria, Poland, … Our employees are very happy to take advantage of this offer and structure their working day between surfboard and laptop.