SUCCESS STORY: Hartmann International

Hartmann International is a medium-sized German logistics provider with a global footprint, headquartered in Paderborn and Ibbenbüren. The company employs 500+ people in the Freight Forwarding & Logistics and Air & Sea divisions and is a digital pioneer in the CargoLine network when it comes to using innovative solutions to optimize scheduling processes.

Icon Fahrzeuge

165 vehicles (7.5t – 40t)

Icon Zustellaufträge

ca. 1,500 delivery orders per day

Icon Transport Management System

Using the Transport Management System by active logistics
without the route optimization functionality


Seven dispatchers at Hartmann International work two daily shifts to aggregate the enormous volumes of data needed for delivery route planning from various source systems in a very time-consuming manual process. A wide range of additional parameters must be accounted for, such as an extreme variation
of cargo volumes. Other conditions which stood in the way of optimization included:

  • the existing planning system based on delivery zones
  • strict separation of light and heavy regional transports to simplify processes at the depot
  • low data quality (missing/erroneous footprint and/or weight specifications in orders)
  • limited optimization potential due to existing planning constraints such as hazardous cargo, need for lifting equipment, customer or order priority, fixed assignment of delivery zones to specific vehicles etc.


  • Avoid disruption of the existing ongoing processes while implementing Smartlane technology
  • Accelerate the dispatch process
  • Instead of trying to provide a 100% solution, go for an >80% tool that achieves rapid, effective process improvements and reduces the dispatcher workload
  • Establish transparent planning processes for all stakeholders in the dispatch, logistics and executive offices

Hartmann International SUCCESS STORY VIDEO

Dispatching time reduced by up to fIVE hours

Uwe Lachmann, Geschäftsführer Hartmann International

„Dispatching in LTL transport is a highly complex and
time-consuming task. Smartlane’s technology
supports our dispatchers by automating manual
processes and reducing their workload enormously.
This has enabled us to improve the quality of our
services significantly. Furthermore, our dispatchers
no longer have to begin their workday in the middle
of the night – they can come in four hours later now.“

Uwe Lachmann
GF Hartmann International

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